Hi, I'm Tim Heagarty, a Cybersecurity guy from Lexington, KY.


Welcome to my site, thank you for visiting.

I have participated in the Information Systems Security industry since 1993. Part of that time was spent developing and testing a combination of physical and electronic security systems for a large banking systems provider. Before that I was intimately involved in the software and product development, testing and customer training for the world's leading manufacturer and seller of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). 

Currently I have the good fortune to represent the world's finest information security tools and services available for IBM.

I have had the extreme good fortune to consult and directly work for some of the world's top financial institutions and card payment brands. 

I have also had the extreme good fortune to be part of a great extended family along with my beautiful artist wife D. Lee. Be sure to check out her site for some of the finest wildlife art you may ever see (ok, so I'm a little biased).



Get in touch at Tim@Heagarty.com